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I was on hold with reservations several times for very long periods of time. She took down all of my information and said I would be getting info in the mail and also an email. I want to know why American Airlines treats their customers so poorly. Sub-par overpriced food and Wi-Fi access, freezing cabin temperatures. I reached Honolulu at 1:00am Nov 7th instead of 6:30pm on the 6th. Please help us make these valuable seats possible for us seasoned travelers. When she asked who had cancelled the her reservation, they said they did not know. I rarely use system wide upgrades because they so rarely work. He lives in Florida and I’m up in DC. My husband(Trent Buck) and I booked a direct flight from Miami Airport to LAX airport for our vacation. Flight 4425 was suppose to leave at 5 pm from DC and get to Atlanta. May we have a response soon? Thank you. She had booked a girls day for manicure and pedicure once my flight landed.

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He looked at me funny when i said nassau smirked never looked at my ticket to clarify Location This flight was an hour delayed so there was no rush. Thankfully I packed our spare car seat. After Groups 1 and 2 boarded, cleveland state university creative writing the counter agent announced she wasn’t paid to stay any longer and left. She should have left her attitude at home because I was not the only passenger on this flight that experience her wrath. I asked to be moved but was told that they could not. Hope to hear from someone to make some of this right. It will be leaving NYC this afternoon and we be at my house sometime today or tomorrow. Huge thank you and great customer service!!! Remember my original flight was cancelled due to a MECHANICAL problem. Our children and their families are carrying on the same tradition. I say to you, I definitely get annoyed at the same time as other folks think about concerns that they plainly do not recognize about. We needed to get from PA to CA as quickly as possible.

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We were delayed about an hour for this routine maintenance that was only supposed to take a few minutes. This was the time of the hurricanes. I am sorry to say that our experience at the AA counter in Newark was less than stellar – Of the two customer service reps at the counter assisting passengers checking in, one dedicated her time to ONLY First Class passengers, and the other woman seemed to do as little as possible – too busy worrying about what everyone else was doing – all except what she could BE doing! AM.) Paul was standing on the side near the check-in counter and noticed that I was frustrated trying to check bags in (we had already “check-in” and printed boarding passes at home). I was scheduled for a flight leaving Ronald Reagan Airport to Columbus International Airport today, boarding at 2:42 departing at 3:50. This person put me on hold for another 20 minutes. Count on one fact! I will never fly American due to your lack of compassion. I had a flight on April 6 at 8:40 am from Cleveland to MSP, with a stop in Chicago, creative writing theme generator but the flight to Chicago was delayed to the point I would miss my connection. I find it so crooked that they lose your luggage but can be judge, jury and executioner on what they will or will not pay. I was told the cost would be $250 that we had to pay for the luggage. As I write this I realize the futility of my complaint because I will come off sounding like a disgruntled passenger who exaggerates a story to make a point. I have called three times to complain over the phone, but they are still insisting I write an email. Based on my experience I will say that I am never going to fly with your company again, and neither will anyone I know. I have no issues with that, but I was told that the ticket would have to be used by my brother in law within that year.

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I explained that I was military. Today I was panicked to receive an email that not only was my husband’s international flight (intentionally) cancelled and notified that the copay for using mileage was refunded, but they also cancelled MY flight with $$ refunded. Worst of all, the plane never cooled down to a comfortable temperature. Flight delayed again? Flight 165 on 11/15/15 was supposed to leave at 8:50. Our resort hotel was destroyed by Hurricane Maria and the hotel has cancelled our reservation. Kindly refund the charges to my card. If I want to use those tickes that we have already paid $730 for in the future it will cost me another $400 in cancellation fees. I attempted to purchase some food at the nearby McDonalds Restaurant, just to find out that all of their food, with the exception of fries and sodas were completely sold out! Well, we received confirmation from Sprirt,Wynham hotel, Budget car rental, and MUG conference. All her family and his family and friends.I was literally crying in the airport she didnt even know I was there I came early just for the suprise. I am a senior flying with 2 other seniors and a frequent flier on your airlines. We do truly appreciate whatever you can provide.

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My flights were in order getting to Amsterdam. The agent was able to book me on a Delta flight. I don’t think this would happen on Southwest. He also explained people had been on standby that morning and had been waiting there all day. They didn’t like that I mentioned that it was too dangerous to try and reach Grenada on 1/12 leaving on 1/10 that you would have to go to fast and you cant do it So the captain looked at the mapping I gather because they changed the itinerary so that the ship goes to Barbados first and then to Grenada. Great sense of humor, dissertation help dubai attentive, and efficient. My company personnel spend approximately $120,000 on AA in 2015. He reported at the airport that his bag did not come off the plane. My second flight which should have only taken 28 minutes took more than 1 1/2 hours due to a computer problem. I’m assuming you can check on your end to verify what I’m informing you about. I paid over $600.00 for the airline ticket and 25.00 for checked bag not to mention everything I had to buy. I went through all the motions again to rebook, creative writing future learn saw the large difference of about $170 for nothing extra. So my husband thanked her politely for all her help at which point I stated JAYNE FUENTES told us nothing she was of no help at all. We plan to travel often in the near future but will think twice before booking flights with American Airlines. American Airlines but were told we had to check in with Hawaian Airlines. The original plane had mechanical problems, so we ended up waiting for FIVE AND ONE HALF hours in the airport and we had to change gates no less than 4 times, creative writing final assignment lugging our hand luggage from place to place.